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26 April 2009 @ 09:35 pm
So work/school/life has been eating me alive lately and I'd love to give a substantial update. Unfortunately, I are teh braindedz. So, a mini-survey-thing yoinked from Penn.

My ex… is 3000 miles away.
Maybe I should… sleep. Or do homework. No, sleep.
I love… cold water .
I don’t understand… a lot of things.
I lost… much of my faith in humanity.
People say… a lot of whiny crap without ever offering a better idea.
Love is… not always fun, but definitely worth it.
Somewhere, someone is… running around naked.
I’ll never… stop listening to fun, crappy pop.
“Forever” is… "intimidating." - Penn
I never want to… miss you.
I think the president is… catching way too much shit.
When I woke up in this morning… I had to peeeeeee.
My past… is staying where it ought to be.
I get annoyed when… people take carts out to the edges of the parking lot when all they bought was a loaf of fucking bread.
Parties are for… people who like people. I don't party.
My dog… will be a huuuusssssky!
My cat… is long and stretchy. And a lovemuffin.
Kisses are the best when… they come from someone extra special.
Tomorrow… I work all day. Fuck.
I really want… a long, hard massage. So sore.
I have low tolerance for people who… have strong opinions when they are ill-informed about the subject.
In public… I'm pretty quiet.
Today… I pushed carts until I wanted to die.
My last dream was about… Christine and Joey and Crest White Strips and I have no idea.
I suck at… not being messy.
My last kiss… will have to tide me over til Tuesday.
I’m listening to… my fan blowing in my ear.
I speak… too much.
My best friend/s… are scattered all over hell's half acre.
My first real kiss… was from someone I no longer know. And I'm not sure you could call it "real" anyways.
Marriage is… "a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?" - HL Mencken. I haven't really made up my mind about it yet.
Somewhere, someone is thinking… “Are we there yet?”
I’ll always… be a little strange, a little mean, a little bit of a raging feminist.
The last time I really cried was… about 2 months ago. A real, good cry at least.
My cell phone… is over on my bed somewhere.
Before I go to bed… take my meds and play with Tonks a bit.
Right now I’m thinking about… whether the boy will call me tonight or not.
Babies are… sometimes cute, especially when you can give them back.
I get on Myspace… maybe once a week?
I really want to be… more sure of myself.
feeling: sleepysleepy